Dehlia Draycott was born on July, 20, 1938 in Los Angeles, CA. Her parents names are unknown and she got into hollywood sometime later on. During her lifetime, she appeared in many films and was a rising and famous star in hollywood, the general public and in the media. Dehlia dissappeared for several months in 1981. Nobody knew where she went or why she had dissappeared for so long. When had returned to hollywood, she held a party. The guests arrived to find a lavish spread, Dehlia never appeared to greet her guests. Later that night her someone found her lifeless dead body found floating in her pool on November, 29, 1981. Her murder went unsolved for a quarter of a century, until it was discovered by her agent, Dashiel Zachery Biedermeyer and Dashiel Zachery Biedermeyer killed her because she gave birth to a baby girl.

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She was the mother of Jane Brighton.

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